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About Us

Established in 2014, Hip Hop Hill is Central Virginia's largest hop yard at just shy of 4 acres, with another 5 acres leased nearby. We are the first fully commercial hop yard in the state. With a multitude of top class microbreweries nearby, we hope to provide a supply of high quality, fresh hops locally, enabling these breweries to produce more of the seasonal fresh hop beers that have become so popular nationally. We will also be selling our hops to be used as an ingredient in foods, sauces, coffee, and more!

Our Location

Located in picturesque Charlottesville, a few miles from the Blue Ridge Mountains, the unique topography between Hip Hop Hill and the Blue Ridge creates a semi-constant windflow, providing an environment that is inhospitable to the proliferation of any mildew or fungi. Due to our topography we have terraced hop rows, showing that hops can be grown in a variety of different settings beyond the typical shallow, sloped hills.

Hoppin' in Virginia

Currently, the vast majority of the hop production in the United States occurs in the Pacific Northwest. However, hop growing has a storied history in Virginia. Between the late 18th and early 19th centuries, both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew their own hops at their Virginia homes and used them to brew their own beer. Jefferson grew his hops at Monticello, his home in Charlottesville, just a few miles away from where Hip Hop Hill now stands. Needless to say, hops have a long and storied history in our area and we hope to carry on the tradition!

Our Hops

We currently grow three types of hops, all of which we purchased from Great Lakes Hops. We will be selling fresh (wet) hops, pelletized hops, and dried whole hops. Our goal is to supply hops to both individuals and businesses, for a variety of uses. For updates on our hops (including pictures, expected/available quantities, prices, etc.) as we approach our expected September harvest, you can sign up for our Email list here (coming soon), as well as following us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Updates will also be posted to this site and you are more than welcome to email us or call us.

New Hop Varieties Coming This Summer!

We are growing 8 new varieties of hops this year. They are all different types of European Noble finishing hops, great for use in seasonal fresh hop beers. Click the links to read more about each type.


We are excited to own one of the few commercial hops harvesters in Central Virginia. Built by HopsHarvester LLC. the Hopster 5P is one of the premier harvesters on the market. The only implement of its kind, the Hopster 5P is built entirely in the United States, using the highest quality materials, with a focus on longevity and dependability. The harvester is built on an implement platform, giving it easy and convenient mobility. This machine greatly expedites the harvesting process, enabling us to provide a large supply of fresh hops within just hours of harvest. Click here to learn more about the Hopster 5P and HopsHarvester LLC.


We are happy to make this top class machine available for rent to hop farmers throughout Central Virginia. If you are interested in renting our harvester, or want to learn more about the machine, please email us at: harvester@hiphophill.com

More Info

HopsHarvester LLC.

Our harvester is made by HopsHarvester LLC. Based out of Heneoye Falls, New York, HopsHarvester is a leader in hops harvester innovation. Their harvesters are located at hop farms and Universities across the U.S. and Canada.

Great Lakes Hops

Our hops were purchased from Great Lakes Hops. Located in Zeeland, Michigan, Great Lakes Hops offers a collection of select, fully rooted hop plants and crowns. We highly recommend them to anybody who is interested in buying hops plants!

Charlottesville Press

Our logo was designed by Charlottesville Press Inc. For over 100 years, CPI has been a reputable source for offset printing and has helped companies with branding and advertising in Charlottesville and the surrounding areas.

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1685 Thompson Farm Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22901